A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


Square Legacy is a 2D pixelated fantasy RPG created from the ground up. It's currently in it's Beta stage of developement and playable through our custom built launcher (indev), however, the game can also be downloaded as a stand-alone package. One game mode, survival, you just have to stay alive through unlocking new spells, leveling up, conquering dungeons and geting items. These things will aid you in your journey to fight one of the game's bosses and live to tell about it. Story and *multiplayer support are on their way, but not in the current version.

Story: Sorry! We can't touch on story very much right now, an outline will be available as soon as we are able to provide one!

*MULTIPLAYER BETA INFO: The Square Legacy mutliplayer beta is on it's way! We've taken a significant bite out of the whole that will be Square Legacy multiplayer. This means that a multiplayer beta should launch sometime in the next few months! To join the beta comment below with the username you're using. Make sure to tag [MPBeta] before it..
(ex [MPBeta]your_username), you may also send us an email making the subject line MPBeta (squarelegacy@gmail.com).

Install instructions

Square Legacy REQUIRES java 7+ to be installed!,
for further instruction look below:
First Time Launcher Instructions for Windows:

1.) Right click SquareLegacy.zip > Extract all > Choose where you would like the folder saved
2.) Delete the .zip folder you just extracted
3.) Run (Double-click) Play Square Legacy.exe

First Time Launcher Instructions for Mac:

1.) System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General > Allow apps downloaded from… Select Anywhere ***You may need Administrative Privileges to change this setting***
2.) Right Click SquareLegacy.zip > Open With > Archive Utility > A new folder will be created in the same location
3.) Move SquareLegacy.zip & Play Square Legacy.exe to trash.
4.) Run (Double-click) Launcher.jar

First Time Launcher Instructions for Linux Ubuntu:

1.) Go HERE to get instructions on how to install Java manually, OpenJDK does NOT work.
2.) Double click SquareLegacy.zip > Extract to an easily accessible location using Archive Manager.
3.) Move Play Square Legacy.exe to trash.
4.) Open the Terminal Program (can be done by searching your computer with the Ubuntu logo on the taskbar)
5.) Type the following command into Terminal: chmod a+x then the file path. You can find the file path by right clicking on Launcher.jar > Properties > Location, then add another slash with the name of the file after it. For example: chmod a+x /home/bobbylu/Desktop/Launcher.jar
6.) Run Launcher.jar by typing java –jar filepath in Terminal Ex: java -jar /home/bobbylu/Desktop/Launcher.jar


Square Legacy & Launcher (Recommended) 883 kB
SquareDev.jar 21 MB